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About New York Martial Arts

Internal Energy Plus Flowing Meditation of Mind, Body and Spirit

Long Island Karate School - Ju Jutsu New York Dear Friend:

Why should you come to New York Martial Arts?

  • We are a full time professional Martial Arts School in Business continuously 40 years.
  • We hold outstanding seminars on fitness and martial arts every month.
  • We tailor programs to fit individual needs. Every student is important and one is overlooked in class. we will help you to create your own essential self-protection, revitalizing body conditioning or focused stress reduction packages. Our certified consultants offer personal training, group classes, private seminars and teleconferences as well as email and phone coaching which are tailored to fit you or your group's specific needs.
  • Some of our students have been at this school for more than 20 years plus.
  • All students start with a personal consultation. This ensures students have the right beginning, and get continuing satisfaction from their training experience.

Come in and see for yourself. Take direct action and call to sign up. We can show you why New York Martial Arts is the oldest established martial arts school in Huntington area.

Joe Droual, Head Instructor

New York Martial Arts
Established in 1966

147 Woodbury Road
P.O. Box 1165
Huntington, NY 11743