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Free Consultations

Come in for a free consultation to assess the needs and benefits of martial arts for you and your family. The first step is to take immediate action and make the phone call. The right actions create habits that can change the course of your life. Do not let this opportunity pass you by.

Thank You!
Soke Joe Droual


  1. Call 631-549-9612, or e-mail for a consultation. Let's Get Started
  2. We pick a specific program that will fit your needs.
  3. We will start you immediately on your or your child on the way to success.
Each student will receive 1 week of free classes for 1 referral, or 1 free month for 2 referrals.

Kung Fu Huntington - Karate Huntington

Find out how different your life would be if:

  1. You had as much energy as your children to keep up with them at the mall.
  2. You are finally doing something for yourself and not feeling guilty about it.
  3. You are going to do something enjoyable exercise-wise and are actually using an intelligent approach (Instead of what everybody else is doing.)
  4. You have something to help keep your seight under control as an added benefit to enjoying yourself.
  5. When all your friends are complaining about added weight because of holiday festivals, you will be busy purchasing a whole new wardrobe because of the holiday festivals, you will busy purchasing a whole new wardrobe because your waist is smaller.

All the Best!
Soke Joe Droual


Your child is your most precious asset. Goals can be tailored to improving self-protection, increasing success in school and athletic activity.

Let us both make your child a winner!

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