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Personal Training Over Fifty
Personal Protection Over 50
Available for Men and Women
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Safety Awareness for the Family
  1. Always know where you child is at every moment.
  2. Plan your activity a head of time and preplan everything you are going to bring. Make sure your children stay in contact with you at all times.
  3. Be aware of any new area that you go to and take special note of all the details of your surroundings to be sure it is safe.
  4. Never let your children out of your sight for more than a couple of seconds.
  5. Always check with who is around you, and parents should always trust their instincts.
  6. Let your child be able to speak to you in crowded environments and have them always walk in front of you.
  7. Make your child realize that they always have to stay near you, but always put it in a non-threatening way. (ie. Say "Mommy and Daddy always like you to be close to them because we love you ")
  8. Always listen to your child if they have a "bad feeling" about somebody close by. Children tend to be more perceptive than adults about "gut feelings".
  9. Always instill confidence in your child by having and exuding confidence in yourself. Children look at what we do. Not what we say.
Have a safe school year!
Soke Joe

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Internal Energy Plus

  • Soft aspects to develop mental strength.
  • Hard aspects to develop resilient body conditioning, posturing and strength to your mind and body.
  • Traditional Martial Arts - Kung Fu and Karate Plus.
  • Progressive Martial Arts / Mixed Martial Arts / Self Defense / Ju-Jutsu.
  • Internal Energy plus mediation, Weapons seminars, Kickboxing, and Women's self defense.
  • Kettle bell and body conditioning.
  • New Little Warriors program for children 4-5 years.

Grand Master Joseph Droual cordially invited you to join the INTERNAL ENERGY PLUS™ (IEP) discussion group being hosted by Yahoo! Groups. Membership is absolutely free! IEP is a totally unique all-in-one wellness system that is immediately effective and easy to learn. Not only can IEP help you see a tremendous improvement in your physical and emotional feeling of well-being, but you will find your energy increased. IEP can help you to empower yourself and to transform your life, family, and business. We would be honored if you would join our forum and if you would spread the word to your friends and colleagues.

Simply click on, and click on the rectangle that says “JOIN THIS GROUP”. You will meet some inspiring people and learn some simple but incredibly powerful techniques for transforming your life into the life you truly desire, and truly deserve. You will love being a part of this community, and will find your life enriched. That is our promise to you.

All The Best,
Sijo / Soke Joe Droual

King and Kehoe Award 2008 Congressman, Peter T. King, ranking minority member  of Homeland Security is being presented with an honorary black belt by Mr. Thomas J. Kehoe, president of K&B Seafood and a trustee of Northport Village. Mr. Kehoe is a holder of black belts under Soke Joseph Droual, 10th degree belt of New York Martial Arts of Huntington Village under Juko-Kai International, Rod Sacharnoski, Dai-Soke. This presentation took place on January 22, 2008, Washington, D. C.
Soke Joe recently visited a local political dinner to meet with some Great Americans, right photo - left to right,
New York State Assemblyman Andrew Raia of Northport - one of Soke Joe's first students 38 years ago;
Tom Kehoe - Northport Village Trustee and a longtime student of the Soke - 2nd degree Black Belt in Karate and Weapons and the recently appointed Soke-Dai of Soke Joe's Aiki Boken Jiutsu; Soke Joe;
and U. S. Congressman Peter King - former Chairman and now Ranking Minority Member of the House Homeland Security Committee.

guardian angels - New  York

The NYC Guardian Angels are now accepting new members and supporters for the following programs, events and initiatives:

  • Safety Patrols
  • Martial Arts / Self-Defense
  • Teen and Youth Programs
  • Bike and Roller-Blade Patrols
  • Travel Teams
  • Community Projects
  • Public Speaking
  • Free Training

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Soke Joseph Droual in Village Square on Friday's at 12:30 pm to 1:15 pm

Unwind from your week and start your weekend with a calm frame of mind: join Soke Joseph Droual in Village Square on Fridays at 12:30 pm to 1:15 pm for a Tai Chi break. Sponsored by the Glen Cove Downtown Business Improvement District, this weekly session is free of charge and requires no commitments from participants. Village Square is located at the intersection of School, Glen and bridge Streets in downtown Glen Cove. Tai Chi "Happy Hour" begins on Friday, June 12th.

Joseph Droual has been teaching martial arts for 38 years in the Huntington area. He holds 10th degree black belts in Ju-Jutsu, Karate and Kobudo (weaponry) and a 7th level sash in Gung-Fu (Kang-Nei-Chin). His title of Soke means that he is Head Founder of his own style called Chowa-Ryu which means "Harmony Style". He also has been studying and teaching Tai Chi Chuan for 35 years.

Tai Chi is the art of gentle moving in meditation. The body goes through a series of graceful, slow moving postures. The breathing in Tai Chi is very slow, fluid and graceful. This art promotes the benefits of relaxation and stress management. There is no age limit or physical limitations to the practice of Tai Chi.

For more information please call the Glen Cove Downtown BID office at 516-759-6970 or e-mail the BID at: You can always visit our website at

Soke Joe has just received a Close Combat Training certification.

close combat training
Women's Self Defense / Close Combat Training

Saturday, July July 17th, 2010

1:00 pm-2:30 pm

All are invited!

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Soke Joseph Droual was inducted
March 3, 2007, into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame after teaching Martial Arts full time for 38 years.

Joseph Droual has been teaching martial arts for 38 years in the Huntington area. He holds 10th degree black belts in Ju-Jutsu, Karate and Kobudo (weaponry) and a 7th level sash in Gung-Fu (Kang-Nei-Chin). His title of Soke means he is Head Founder of his own style called
Chowa-Ryu, which means "Harmony Style".

Importance of Gratitude

Gratitude is just being thankful for what you have and who you are. It is an expression of loving self-appreciation for one's self.

When you apply positive intentions and actions of self-appreciation on a daily basis, your thinking will change to an improved positive view of your personal universe.
  • You will stop complaining about the weather and be glad to know that each day is a "precious blessing" that's been gifted to all to enjoy.
  • You will never see your family members as annoyances, you will see them as heavenly gifts that bring daily joy to your life.
  • Stop complaining about your expenses when at least you have employment to pay for them, and be thankful to have a place to pay your bills.
  • Stop complaining about exercises and eating right, because these actions are responsible for maintaining your precious health.
  • Whatever your personal or religious beliefs are, they will take on a newer and deeper meaning by engaging in the above actions, words, and intentions.

All The Best,
Sijo / Soke Joe Droual
At New York Martial Arts, we specialize in teaching children in a caring, supportive atmosphere. Soke Droual is a skilled teacher with thirty-eight years of experience in teaching martial arts.

New York Martial Arts offers children's parties with self-defense moves children can actually use done in a fun atmosphere.

For more information on children's classes and parties, please call us at 631.549.9612.

Seiryoku-Ryu Shorinji Kempo-Kai

The Seiryoku-Ryu Shorinji Kempo-Kai is a very special Japanese combat system of the martial arts and consists of three (3) divisions which, when combined, form a TOTAL fighting tyle. The ryu (system) is structured upon traditional techniques of China, Okinawa, and Japan.

  • Kempo - hard-fist
  • Jujutsu - grappling
  • Kobujutsu - weapons

About the Founder:
The Founder of Sieryoku-Ryu Shorinji Kempo system is Soke Joe Droual, 10th Dan. Soke Droual is a longtime martial artist who has, for the past 40 years, been a member of Juko-Kai International and who has studied personally under Rod Sacharnoski, Dai-Soke.

Soke Droual is one of the few modern martial arts instructors to have operated a full-time dojo (school) in the Huntington, NY area. He has earned Asian recognized Juko-Kai rankings in Karate, Jujutsu, Kobujutsu (weapons) and also trained extensively in Chinese-based Kang-Nei-Chin. Soke Droual is a member of the Zen Kokusai Soke Budo/Bugei Renmei... The West's first Asian sponsored Head Foundership/Successorship Commission.

Of special interest, Joe Droual is one of a handful of selected Ki practitioners under Dr. Sacharnoski who has earned the world renowned Combat-Ki Master License. To earn the master Combat-Ki License, one must be punched and kicked full-power to the vital areas of the human body while blindfolded! Such demonstrations have been featured on more than 15 major television networks throughout the world, (to include Japan). In fact, in 2009, a world record was established on Fox Sports Science that was scientifically verified and documented and can be viewed on

The Structure of Seiryoku-Ryu KempoKai:
To earn rank in this special art, one is required to study the techniques and kata of all three divisions. To earn the rank of Shihan (master), one must achieve a Shodan grading in Kempo. Once this has been accomplished, the practitioner then begins training in Jujutsu... and lastly, in Kobujutsu (weapons).

This insures that all students are throughly indoctrinated in the use of the fist, foot, weapons, grapling, etc., which is necessary to develop a good, close-in fighter.

Training is conducted in a formal dojo atmosphere... one is expected to attend classes on a regular basis and to show the proper dedication, respect and conduct required of all traditional martial artists.

Frequently Asked Questions

What separates you from other martial arts schools?

We have been in business in Huntington Village for 43 years. Soke Joe Droual, the head instructor has an estimated over half a million hours of teaching experience (39 years).

Is your program safe?

We only specialize in self-protection methods. No sport.

What will change for me as a result of training with you?

You will see increased flexibility, strength, self-confidence and calmness.

What should I do now?

Please call 631-549-9612 for a personal consultation and experience the results.

Featured Student

My name is Jared Murphy. I am currently a volunteer firefighter with the Cold Spring Harbor Fire Department. I have been a firefighter for six years and now just became an Emergency Medical Technician.

I have been Soke's student for the past 17 years and have been a sheehan for the past five months.

My father is also a volunteer fireman as well. He has been a fireman for 31 years. He was also chief of the department from 1981-1982. His is now currently a senior driver for all equipment of the department.

There is also another friend who is also a firefighter and studies with Soke. His name is Dana Aliperti. He volunteers with the Huntington Fire Department where he currently is now the Second Assistant Chief. We all take pride in what we do. Here is a photo of what I do for my community.

martial arts student and firefighter

If anyone is interested in joining your local town fire department, go down to the local firehouse or check the department's website for information on volunteering.


Jared Murphy

Our Invisible Heroes

We see them everyday, but do not pay attention most of the time because we become very busy with our lives. Yet, if there was an emergency, they would be the first called to help out.
  • All the volunteer fire personnel that serve our communities on Long Island and those fire personnel in New York City.
  • The police who patrol and help keep our streets safe.
  • All of the doctors, nurses, EMT's and other health professionals that help keep us well and healthy.
  • The volunteer soldier that daily puts his life on the line to keep our country free.
  • Can you think of anyone else?
Blessings, prosperity and many complements to all of you!

All the best!
Soke Droual

The Making of a Lifetime Champion (Jason's Story)

Jason started at around 4 years of age, smaller than the rest of his class and on the thin side. When he started taking Ju-Jutsu classes, he was not the quickest in the class, but reserved and shy. However, he continued with the classes.

Jason continues studying Ju-Jutsu through his elementary school years and I, as his teacher, gradually watched him change for the better. The student that was once shy and reserved became confident and assertive.

He is now consistently maintaining excellent grades in high school as well as pursuing tennis (nationally ranked), ping pong and music.

His Mom and Dad also actively play tennis with him and are a source of love and encouragement. Jason's Mom and Dad also train with me in the art of Ju-Jutsu. If you ask them they will say that Jason's martial arts training had a lot to do with his successes. I also happen to know that he has great parents.

In my eyes as a Soke (Head Founder) I see in Jason the qualities of a Lifetime Champion being formed. See what martial arts training can do to change your life or someone you love.

Calling me will make the difference. Immediate action leads to success.

All the Best,

Soke Joe Droual

Training Over 50

Being over 50 is just another begining. You have much more understanding of life but still must maintain an active excerise regiment to keep you going. In two weeks, I will be turning 59 and absolutely do not accept the fact of slowing down.

My 73 year old private remarked that he was glad he stayed active which makes him feel more alive and energtic. These words of wisdom came from a man who has been my student for 32 years.

Please call for a free consultation to reclaim your zest and youth. I will tailor a program that will fit your individual needs.

All the Best!

Soke Joe Droual.


"Did you hear the news" David said, beaming and smiling. "James scored 15 points higher on his Terranova Test from last year. He is now in the 99 percentile for 8 year olds in the whole country." I looked at James as we were doing our martial arts class in Ju-Jutsu.

"That's great news, I am really proud of you son", I replied. The father came back with a warm smile saying, "Thank you Soke Joe for helping him through your training."

Discover these results for you and your family. Our Children's Seminars will be returning in October. Please call 631.549.9612 for more information.

All the Best!

Soke Joe Droual.

More Testimonials...

Special commendations go to:

Sensei Thomas J. Kehoe who has been studying Martial Arts with Soke Joseph Droual for over ten years. He is the holder of two(2) black belts in Chow-ryu Karate and Kobudo (weaponry).

Mr. Kehoe is also co-owner and founder of K&B Seafood in Northport, Long Island, to visit his website go to: Many years of success are wished for this fine Sensei in his future endeavors.
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Host Families Needed for Foreign Exchange Students

Gift Certificates

Great for gifts! Gift certificates can be applied to classes, private lessons and corporate seminars. You may order a gift certificate by stopping by the dojo or contact us through:




P.O. Box 1165
Huntington, NY 11743

Martial Arts Long Island These are some of the reasons why several million people in the United States currently study some type of martial arts. Both men and women (including children) have enjoyed the numerous benefits that the martial arts provide. Now there is a unique opportunity to study the very best martial arts available anywhere... right here in the Huntington area.

New York Martial Arts was established in 1966, and it is the oldest, most experienced school in Huntington. We have retained students for over twenty years.

All students accepted for instruction are treated as individuals with different needs and talents. Because of the small number of students in each class, attention is given to each to maximize their learning.

Private training is encouraged if a student wants to accelerate their learning experience.

In 3 months, one should expect more flexibility, a sense of confidence, and a better sense of well-being and accomplishment.

New York Martial Arts - Long Island
New York Martial Arts - Suffolk County
New York Martial Arts - Nassau County

Recommended Merchants of Huntington Village:

New York Martial Arts
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