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Karate is an art from Okinawa. The emphasis on directness and simplicity of motion. All motions are done very vigorously for maximum acceleration. As in all the arts, actual application is taken from, and explored from the various forms taught in class.

Greatest care is given to detail so that the student learns each move correctly. This art is taught for personal development and self-respect as well as the principle of self-protection. The complete forms of this form are all taught. These forms give the student not only practical self-defense application but the historical and philosophical perspectives of the original masters.

Ju-Jutsu in translation means gentle art. The practitioner learns to use very small amount of energy that results in a tremendous amount of strength and force. The application of strikes with hands and feet as well as locking and throwing techniques are taught. This art serves especially well for mastery of close grabbing attacks. All the practitioner's skill is applied to use the opponent's energy against them.

Because of the emphasis on control technique, this art is also taught in the children's classes.
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The art of gentle moving in meditation. The body goes through a series of graceful, slow moving postures. The breathing in Tai Chi is very slow, fluid and graceful.

This art promotes the benefits of relaxation and stress management. The calming effect on the mind and body are always duly noted when performed correctly.

There is no age limit or physical limitation to practicing Tai Chi.

Gung-Fu is the art of continuous motion in circles and arcs. Emphasis is placed on precise movement, posture and deep breathing.

All the principles for lesson instruction are extracted from the forms of the system and applied to real application for self-protection.

Students can expect a feeling of wellness from performing the various movements in class with enhanced breathing capability.
Women's Kickboxing &

Cardio-Kickboxing encompassing kickboxing techniques with useable and simple self-defense techniques shown in application and exercise form.

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