Self Protection, Relaxation, Restored Self-Confidence

Personal Training Over 50

Offering martial arts over 50, self-protection over 50 and personal protection over 50

  • Do you remember your youth when flexibility and energy was not an issue? Now you feel tired and sluggish with a lack of energy.
  • Do you feel the need to be able to protect yourself?
  • Do you get easily stressed out when you need the most to be calm?

All of these things have caught up with you because you are not 20 anymore.

I will design a program to specifically suit your needs for body and mind. You cannot get this anywhere else because I have 40 years of teaching experience to back up every claim that I make. Offering kettlebell training for improved fitness and martial arts training for self defense. Call for an appointment (631-549-9612) - the next step is yours.

All the best - Soke Joe

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