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New York Martial Arts Students

New York Martial Arts Students
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My name is Jared Murphy. I am currently a volunteer firefighter with the Cold Spring Harbor Fire Department. I have been a firefighter for six years and now just became an Emergency Medical Technician.

I have been Soke's student for the past 17 years and have been a sheehan for the past five months.

My father is also a volunteer fireman as well. He has been a fireman for 31 years. He was also chief of the department from 1981-1982. His is now currently a senior driver for all equipment of the department.

There is also another friend who is also a firefighter and studies with Soke. His name is Dana Aliperti. He volunteers with the Huntington Fire Department where he currently is now the Second Assistant Chief. We all take pride in what we do. Here is a photo of what I do for my community.

martial arts student and firefighter
If anyone is interested in joining your local town fire department, go down to the local firehouse or check the department's website for information on volunteering.


Jared Murphy

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