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Testamonial from Dr. Kip L. Bodi

Dear Soke Joe Droual,

I wish to thank you for the time and effort you have spent with my son Brett. As you know he is challenged by cerebral palsy and a hearing loss. Over the years this had lead him to become socially withdrawn and with some lack of confidence. When he started with you his sense of humor was there, but difficult to find, and he walked head down as if to avoid acknowledging others. My reasons for sending him to you were to develop some physical prowess in defending against abuse. Your training of him brought out other parts of him which I feel is due to your ability to reach within your students and bring out the best.

Besides teaching him the art of Jiu Jitsu, you have tapered his exercises to meet his disabilities.

He now proudly demonstrates the ability to rise from sitting without using his hands, and walking up and down stairs blindfolded.

He walks with his head up and the confidence developed over two years with you is evident in his smile, and great sense of humor. Yet, in the background he has developed confidence in knowing that should the occasion arise, he would handle it as best he could.

Your regular calls to me to report progress or question his attitude on a given day show real concern for your student, and I have enjoyed these greatly. Again, Joe, Thanks from our family for your sensitivity and intuitive coaching of my son.

Against doubts that I had years ago, he will be going to a post graduate year at a good prep school, and then hopefully on to college, all of which I feel that you had a large part in.

Kip Lord Bodi, M.D.,FACS


Testamonial from Frank Plesche

Dear Soke Joe Droual,

I am a typical golfer that plays 25 rounds per year. I have seen my golfing game improve dramatically as my handicap has improved by 2 points. I am looking forward to reducing my handicap further this year. This is one of many area of my life that karate has had a positive effect on my life.

Frank Plesche


Testamonial from Janet

     We go the call on a Saturday monring. Soke Joe asked for Peter, and, after he had spoken to his teacher, Peter gave me the phone, his eyes shining and a big smile pushing at his cheeks. I didn't need to hear it from Soke, but he told me anyway, "I have decided to award Peter his black belt."

     This is Peter's sixth year with Soke Joe Droual. I look at the lines of the past hems on his uniform and feel a turmoil of emotions. My beautiful son, whom I love so fiercely, had, at five years old, been clumsy, ran awkwardly, and spoke without regard to others' reactions. Now, he can execute near perfect kicks and combinations, and one word from Soke Joe, his father or myself reminds him to keep a check on his words.

     Peter has Aspergers Syndrome, a mild form of autism, and coordination and proper communication have always been a challenge for him. His classes in ju-jitsu at NY Martial Arts have been essential in helping him learn to cope with life and the social situations he doesn't always understand. Soke Joe has spent time with Peter, teaching him how to deal with bullying, and how to be proud of himself without bragging. Always, he has stressed the importance of school and respect for parents.

     There were times when Soke's studio was the only place Peter felt accepted and successful. It didn't matter that his progress there was slow; Soke Joe kept him motivated and proud of each small accomplishment.

     Today, Peter has a group of friends who appreciate him for who he is, and he is much better at regulating his speech, and listening to others. I sometimes watch him in amazement as he executes an almost flawless basic, remembering how I used to cringe anticipation of his falling. I am thankful to Soke Joe for his tireless work with Peter and his ability to see the potential in my son. Peter says he is going to study martial arts "for my whole entire life." I hope he does.


August 31, 2009

St. Patrick School

August 31, 2009

Dear Friend of St. Patrick School:

Thank you very much for your generous donation in support of our 2009 Golf and Tennis Outing held on June 1, 2009. The event was successful in large part due to your participation.

Saint Patrick School is committed ot providing a quality education through academic challenge, development of leadership, individual creativity, and christian responsibility. Your generosity helps us keep out educational programs strong and competitive and is a blessing to all our students.

On belief of St. Patrick School and the entire faculty and staff, thank you for your contribution and support.

Your generosity will make many things possible for our children.

Sincerely in Christ,

Sister Maureen McDade, Principal and Rev. Msgr. John F. Bennett, Pastor

August, 2009

Huntington SEPTA

On behalf of Huntington's Special Education Parent-Teacher Association (SEPTA), we would like to extend our thanks and gratitude for your donation and support. Due to the generosity of many wonderful businesses and families, our Sunset and Sounds on the Bay fundraising event was a huge success. Our guests enjoyed delicious food and desserts along with lively music by the Willie Steel Band for an uplifting and memorable evening.

Thanks to contributions like yours, SEPTA has been able to implement many programs to benefit the children in our community. Some examples are the introduction of a district wide adaptive yoga program nd also the provision of supplies to support the "Friendship Club&auot; which is a program that pairs students who would not otherwise interact on a day to day basis. We have provided a new projector for the Life Skills class and have awarded two high school seniro scholarships to students who are continuing their education.

SEPTA would like to thank you, once again, for your part in making this all possible.

Huntington SEPTA

May 2007

Confidence vs. Belittlement towards Oneself

I have had several years of my life consumed by fear, the unwillingness to do something because of foreseen situations that had negative outcome.

Anxiety and panic attacks saturated into my friendships and other relationships. I was living constantly with the thoughts and beliefs that I was going to be humiliated in front of people, have my feelings hurt, and what if I don’t succeed at the task.

There are many reasons that the mind will conjure up, when the thoughts are intermixed with strong negative emotions.

Panic and anxiety attacks were as reflexive for me as blinking is for all of us.

I needed to overcome some obstacles, not externally but internally -- internally on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.

What process did I take?

The first course of action was to join New York Martial Arts in Huntington Village.

I studied and continue to study Gung-Fu and Internal Energy.

In 2004, Sijo, Joseph Droual, created a style called Internal Energy Plus -- this style which goes way beyond Martial Arts is the next step in human evolution.

Internal Energy Plus is simple, enjoyable, dynamic and has the highly effective ability to be designed to the student or client’s needs.

Your intents and goals, through the learning of Internal Energy Plus, have an extremely high possibility of success.

I mentioned possibility because you must take some action for yourself. Internal Energy Plus not only saved my life by showing me how to release the negative avalanche I was on, this style gave and continues to give me the dynamic ingredients needed to stay on the correct road.

The road that I am on, for me, means not conceding to negativity, but finding a way to reverse it and re-route it with a positive result.

Every person has different needs, their own obstacles to overcome and their way of living.

Take Internal Energy Plus and have the life you want, plus have the needed tools to overcome or deal effectively with negative circumstances in a positive manner.

J. C.


We are extremely happy with the way things are going with the Martial Arts instruction. You are a great teacher and we know John would not have come this far if he did not enjoy you and your class as much as he does. John respects you, likes you and learns from you. What more could any parent want from a teacher?

Paul B.

Dr. Moulinie - Student at NY Martial Arts I have always been interested in martial arts and have studied several arts in the past. They all have been physically challenging and intellectually stimulating. Since I began instruction with you almost five years ago, I have come to understand and appreciate your unique and very wise method of instruction. Your "gentle instruction"l is free of intimidation but inspires development of powerful energy from withing. Confidence grows with the realization that unlimited strength comes from within. You are a teacher who gently beckons us forward, each step opening new doors of dynamic, powerful techniques and skills and confidence to apply them. Most important, each form taught points to the center of every art, the appreciation of our connection to the harmony and energy of the universe.

Thank You

Paul C. Moulinie, MD
Chief of Cardiology, Huntington Hospital

Scott Nocella - student at NY Martial Arts New York Martial Arts is an integral part of my life. At New York Martial Arts, I always learn inner exploration and inner reflection techniques that keep me in balance with my daily responsibilities in ways I never thought possible. Soke Joe instructs in a gentle, timeless manner that is truely calming, inspirational and intuitive. This combination achieves results that are personally empowering to me on a daily basis. Positive results are what I am hired to achieve, and since I committed to learn as a student at New York Martial Arts, the instructions\ that I am honored to learn with Soke Joe has truely enhanced my ability to understand and implement better positive results for myself and my clients.

Bio: Scott Nocella is a founding Partner with, a marketing company in Hicksville, New York. Success By Design is responsible for building company image, corporate branding, and producing original media. Scott has a background that encompasses Broadcast Video Production, Independent Film, Corporate Communications, and the Arts.

My name is Jared Murphy. I am currently a volunteer firefighter with the Cold Spring Harbor Fire Department. I have been a firefighter for six years and now just became an Emergency Medical Technician.

I have been Soke's student for the past 17 years and have been a sheehan for the past five months.

My father is also a volunteer fireman as well. He has been a fireman for 31 years. He was also chief of the department from 1981-1982. His is now currently a senior driver for all equipment of the department.

There is also another friend who is also a firefighter and studies with Soke. His name is Dana Aliperti. He volunteers with the Huntington Fire Department where he currently is now the Second Assistant Chief. We all take pride in what we do. Here is a photo of what I do for my community.

martial arts student and firefighter

If anyone is interested in joining your local town fire department, go down to the local firehouse or check the department's website for information on volunteering.


Jared Murphy

July 1, 2005

Dear Soke Droual:

"James scored 15 points higher on his Terranova Test from last year. He is now in the 99 percentile for 8 year olds in the whole country. Thank you Soke Joe for helping him through your training."



April 4, 2005

Dear Soke Droual:

I have been studying Gung-Fu and Internal Energy Plus at N.Y. Martial Arts since 1992. In addition to the studies at N.Y. Martial Arts, I have bee researching similar areas such as "the Korean KI Process", Hand and Foot Reflexology and the Five Healing Sounds of the Body.

Internal Energy Plus is cultivated under Soke Joseph Droual to such an extent that it is one with Gung-Fu or any other martial arts style. Internal Energy Plus has improved my life dramatically in every aspect and all my interactions.

Whether you choose to attend the school or contact Soke or me personally, it will be a great investment for your life.

Sifu Joseph Veralli

March 2, 2005

Dear Soke Droual:

I have been studying Jujitsu with you for approximately six years. My original reasons were to improve overall physical health, increase self confidence, meet new people, and learn a very practical form of self-defense. Since studying with you, my energy levels have increased, I lost approximately 80 lbs, and my confidence has improved greatly. Additionally, I have met many new people that I will be friends with for a long time. But there are other positive attributes to studying the Arts that I was unaware of.

Since studying Jujitsu, my business has grown over 400%. Much of this growth has come due to the many positive characteristics I have received studying with you. The increase confidence increases my ability to interface with clients at more senior levels. These "decision makers" have helped me become one of the best sales representatives at my organization. The increase energy provides me with the ability to do more with less, otherwise known as an increased Return-On-Investment (ROI).

Thank you for the continued years of enjoyment and your friendship,


March 16, 2004

Dear Soke:

I first started out with the school in 1980. I had graduated college the year before and was just starting my career. From the very beginning, my job was stressful and I spent long hours in front of my computer. Very often, I worked twelve hour days and sometimes six day weeks. It was always a challenge to keep up both my work and training. But you made it worth the effort. My training provided critical stress relief. It gave me the stamina I needed to excel.

Over the next twenty years my training helped me to understand I would be continually reaching for higher goals. I can see clearly the parallels between my training and my career. As I progressed at Kung-Fu, I was also promoted at work. I first learned to teach others and how to organize a lesson in Kung-Fu. I then used those qualities in my career, being recognized by my management as someone who could be trusted and knew how to lead.

During that time, my work sent me to many places that made me glad i studied self-defense. I felt safe from those who tried to intimidate me. My confident attitude always made the difference when I had to deal with confrontations. Continuing my training contributes to my creativity and my vision.

Beyond how much my training has given me, I am always amazed by how much I have seen others benefit. Most of my fellow students begin to study with out any understanding of what they are undertaking. But without exception, those who persevere are rewarded in many ways. Most striking are those who start off as youngsters. They learn maturity and discipline before all their friends.

I want to express my gratitude and my deepest respect for all your endeavors. I am very proud to count myself among your students. All of us owe you something that can never really be repaid. I look forward to many more years of study with you.
Roc Challender,
Vice President, Information Technology
Marsh and McLennan Companies

March 16, 2004

Dear Soke:

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the support and help you have given me over the last ten years. Your guidance has helped me realize several goals I set for myself when I began studying martial arts at your school.

When I started training, I had problems with both my knees. I was very overweight and had a severe asthma problem. My goal was to get back to a healthy life. Your encouragement has helped me loose weight through weight training exercise and martial arts training. Joining the Tai Chi Class, which focuses on Chi Breathing, has helped me eradicate my asthma, and reduce my stress levels and blood pressure. I am finally achieving my goal for a healthy life. It has also strengthened my Kung-Fu Training and understand my chosen weapon - the Staff.

I receive many benefits from martial art training, such as greater confidence, improvement of my quality of life, a healthy life style and the ability to defend myself in any situation. It has even helped me drastically reduce my prescribed medicines. Your mentoring has helped me stay committed to my goals. while allowing me to find my path.

Without you and your teaching techniques, I would not be as centered, relaxed and confident as I am today. As always, you have my greatest respect and deepest thanks for these many years of support and training you have given me.
Susan E. Challender

Our Students in the Press

Sunday, April 13th 2003

"News Team makes the News"
Story by Jennifer-Nicole Dworkin
Pictures by Nina Pineda

Breaking News for the "Eyewitness New Team" of WABC-7 New York. News Photographer Hector Muniz Jr. makes a citizen arrest while shooting a stand up for his reporter. The incident happened at New York's Elmhurst Hospital. The team was covering a hit and run victim story. Muniz was shooting a stand up for his reporter, Nina Pineda, when he heard the door slam to his news van/live truck. The suspect had placed the van into gear and was about to take off. Muniz acted quickly. He jumped into the van through the passenger side door and put the suspect into a martial arts submission hold or what is better known as "finger lock hold." Once the vehicle had been brought to a stop, Muniz dragged the suspect through the van onto the sidewalk. Mr. Muniz, a brown belt in Ju-Jitsu kept the suspect submissive until the police arrived several minutes later. And, what was the reporter doing while this was going on? Taking pictures of course! Pineda grabbed Muniz's digital camera and began clicking away."He is my hero!" she says. The police arrested the suspect, and the news team continued on with their story. Mr. Muniz says "It was a bit more exciting than the average day at work. I can't wait until I call my martial arts instructor and tell him I got to use my skills!"

Thanks to New York Martial Arts my child is happier, courteous and more focused.

Due to my martial arts training there has been great improvement in my breathing, being that I have suffered from bad asthma for years.

My martial arts training is fun, interesting and great exercise. I always look forward to going to class.

Thanks again.



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